What's the differences among DC-550 Lite, DC-550 and DC-550 PRO

The Viltrox DC550 series monitors are professional-grade LCD monitors that are ideal for photography, TV production, and video studio work. The DC550 Pro model has a 5.5-inch 1080p screen with a maximum brightness of 1200nit.

Here are the differences among the three models:

DC-550 Lite

This model is the most basic version of the DC-550 series. It has a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and a brightness of 400cd/m². It does not support touch screen functionality and only supports button settings .


This model is similar to the DC-550 Lite but has a higher brightness of 1200cd/m². It also has rich monitoring functions, including import of 3D LUT through the SD card, which helps the photographer achieve a variety of creative effects in post-editing. It also has Paradewaveform, vector graph, brightness histogram, auxiliary focus, audio column, image flip, false color, etc..

DC-550 Pro

This model is the most advanced version of the DC-550 series. It has a touch screen version that covers touch screen & button settings. It also features HDMI input and output and supports setting custom keys. The monitor also supports SD card firmware upgrades and comes with two power supply methods - battery, DC, and Type-C power supply.


The Viltrox DC550 series monitors are available on Viltrox Store for $168.

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Based on the text description it seems like only the pro version has an hdmi input? “It also features HDMI input”. And when looking elsewhere online there is no information saying that only the pro version has a touch screen. In Viltrox’es Amazon the 550 lite is literally called “VILTROX 5.5 Inch Portable On-Camera Monitor, 4K Touchscreen HDMI Video Field Monitor”

Bui Quoc Khiem

Bui Quoc Khiem

Touchscreen is only available in the pro version

Goiran Michek

Goiran Michek

Hello, Can you tell me if the VILTROX DC 550 screen is touchscreen or if the only touchscreen is the VILTROX DC 550 PRO version

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