Weeylite K21 Full Color Handheld 2500K~8500K RGB LED Light Stick For Tik Tok /Video /Game /Photography /Selfie



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Marcia Gooch

My lights are the best

Let There Be RGB Lights

Owning several Viltrox-Weeylite light products in our production kit, it has only fitting that we add several K21 full color RGB lights. Size does matter, coming in at 12-inches the k21 is a might compact LED stick light. Powered via builtin rechargeable battery; on-board usb-c charing port be used for continuous power.

Mounting options include standard 1/4" at both ends as well as builtin magnets for easy attach and go setups. With a supa wide temperature range of 2500-8500K these full color RGB lights will serve a variety of lighting scenarios (i.e. TikTok, Vlogging, Video, Photography, Gaming, Selfie).

The K21 can be programmed from the rear 1"x3/4" LCD panel, where you can access the pre-programmed light scenario’s. We use the Weeylite Pro app [which opens a world of possibilities ] and several other Weeylite products for complete on-site coordination and control of our ever changing lighting requirements.


Almost perfect!

I have 4 of these, and love them. They are compact enough to carry in the side pockets of my backpack, and have enough power for what I'm shooting.

The app, well, the "Pro" version of the app is a good start. Definitely needs some refinement.

My only major request is to have wireless ArtNet control functionality. Maybe this can be added into the next firmware update?? Please??!

how to update firmware on weeylite k21

how to update firmware on weeylite k21
Please send me on email.

Javier Barba Reina
Fantastic light

Very powerful, great battery life and RGB. A great gear to always carry in my backpack.

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