Viltrox Compact 23mm f1.4 X-mount Auto Focus APS-C lens for Fujifilm Camera with Large Aperture

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Stanislav Valev

Very fast delivery.

Michael Chee

Very nice lens , I gave it five star .

David Páleník
Viltrox 23mm F1.4

I've received a sample (V2) of 23mm 1.4 for Fuji last week. Communication and cooperation with Viltrox team was on a very professional, open and supportive level.
My findings after using the lens on my X-T20 so far:
+excellent sharpness straight from 1.4 up to ~F11
+good sharpness on the edges (1.4-2.2),very good up to F8-F11
+robust build quality, pleasant metal construction(hood included), barrels very nicely damped with precision, pro-feel operation
+nice, clean design
+neutral color rendering
+fine contrast
+good to very good bokeh (depends on subject distance)
+very low flaring/ghosting with sun the frame
+fast, accurate and almost noiseless AF
+compact (both lens and filter size)
+- clickless aperture ring - depends on preference of the user. I personally find it quite fine, perhaps less resistance would come handy (for example in case you need to quickly change from F1.4 to F8)
+- bokeh rendering, as mentioned above, it strongly depends on subject distance, quite smooth in the centre, but you notice cat-eye shaped bokeh towards the edges (but some may find it attractive - I do)
+- purple fringing present near wide-open aperture, disappearing quickly after stopping down a little
+-vignetting - I find it actually quite useful when shooting wide-open
- low magnification figure
-sometimes overexposes photos(very seldom)
- aperture blades are not symmetrical when you stop down (f5,6 - f16)
- lens creates fairly abundant lateral chromatic aberrations at large diaphragm openings (more towards blue-ish tones)

Alessio Trombettoni
Excellent Quality!

I already had a 56 mm Viltrox and decided to buy a 23 mm too. The quality is the same: solid lense, nice looking, quite light.
Comparing the two, the 23 mm autofocus performs better and it's faster.
The f ring is very handy and despite it won't click in at every stop, unless you hold the lens with the finger exactly on the ring, it won't move.
I have a couple of Fuji lenses and considering the quality I get from Viltrox for half the price, I will keep buying Viltrox.
Very satisfied with it!

Richard Baker
Very good service

Very good service and price.

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