Viltrox 56mm f1.4 EF-M Mount Autofocus APS-C Prime Lens for Canon EOS M Cameras



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Beautiful Images

I love this lens. It is sharp enough for portraits full open and very sharp at f4. The skin tones are gorgeous and the bokeh beautiful. The autofocus is silent and precise using continous AF mode. Contrast is low full open but it gives this dreamy look. Closing a little bit the diaphragm and get more contrast. Inspite its features is not a perfect lens. There is some color fringing between f1.4 and f2.0 but it is really thin and it mostly happens with really bright highlights. Also, the focusing distance is larger than I am used to. Anyway inspite its flaws I highly recommend it. It is a budget friendly, high build quality, portable lens.

Dr. Anka
Amazing lens

I did some research before buying, but I never expected it to be this good! I love this lens; it is great bokeh, clarity, sharpness and colour. I can't wait to buy more.

Great lens!

A highly recommended short telephoto lens, ideal for portraits, but also for nature close-ups. I love the Viltrox build quality and the accessories which makes this lens really a high-value item. I also love the pjysical aperture ring that I miss on my original Canon lenses. Clever update opportunities due to the USB C slot. All in all a really good lens!

56mm Viltrox for eos-m

I still do not like color of the lens firstly. But camera (m6 mk2 black) looks much more interesting.
Overall lens looks nice, very sharp starting on F2, better than canon 50mm STM version. Need to learn how to work with aperture ring. All I need is better light to test this lens normally. It would be nice to be a little smaller and more sharp at 1.4. But not everything goes on sharp images only. Minimal focus distance is longer than usual.

Hayden Feest

very nice built 56mm for canon, amazing quality image for the price

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