Viltrox 56mm f1.4 EF-M Mount Autofocus APS-C Prime Lens for Canon EOS M Cameras



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56mm Viltrox for eos-m

I still do not like color of the lens firstly. But camera (m6 mk2 black) looks much more interesting.
Overall lens looks nice, very sharp starting on F2, better than canon 50mm STM version. Need to learn how to work with aperture ring. All I need is better light to test this lens normally. It would be nice to be a little smaller and more sharp at 1.4. But not everything goes on sharp images only. Minimal focus distance is longer than usual.

Hayden Feest

very nice built 56mm for canon, amazing quality image for the price

Morris Hilll

Deilvery was fast and product is very good for the price range

Ysander von Boxberg

arrived more rapidly than I had imagined, very well packaged. The lens itself is well designed, nothing wobbles, focus and diaphragm rings are well damped and easy to turn, autofocus is quick and seems precise (will see with more experience with this lens), bokeh is nice and soft, lens comes with a hood (can remain mounted backwards when using autofocus, which is always very practical). Very good boy for the price. If it is not as razor sharp as the Sigma 56mm f/1.4, I don't mind for portraiture.

Kiera Runolfsson

Item arrived fast and is as described. Wife said she likes it.

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