Weeylite ninja 300 Portable MINI COB Spotlight 80W Smart APP Control Studio Light

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Todd Groves
Great light. Especially with the accessories.

The Weeylite Ninja 300 is best when used with the full kit. Including the Bowens Mount attachment, and dual battery accessory. The Bowens Mount also comes with a means to attach a soft light umbrella to the underside of the mount. This opens up the possibilities of the light and the kit as a whole. For an 80 Watt light, it is surprisingly bright. And because of its small form factor, you can use the light in small tight areas, making it a very versatile light for many situations. Whether you're a filmmaker or photographer, the Weeylite Ninja 300 will serve all of your lighting needs.

Richard Barley
Weeylite Ninja 300 in my studio

I am really impressed with the Weeylite Ninja 300. I have set the light up on an arm and so I can use it around my studio, I am using it for photography and video product reviews. The colour temperature has stayed consistent. The Weeylite App is simple to use and has saved me a lot of time adjusting the light. I use a fixed exposure and dim the light for perfect exposure. I am going to invest in some bowens light modifiers to use with this great little light.


Stupendo faretto considerando il prezzo, potente, molto versatile, con le due batterie dura veramente tanto considerando la potenza che emette.
Consiglio di comprare la versione con tutti gli accessori

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