Viltrox AF 28mm F1.8: A Fast and Sharp Wide-Angle Lens for Sony and Nikon

If you are looking for a wide-angle lens that can capture stunning landscapes, architecture, street scenes, and more, you might want to check out the Viltrox AF 28mm F1.8 lens. This lens is a new addition to the Viltrox lineup of autofocus lenses for Sony E-mount and Nikon Z-mount full-frame cameras. It offers a fast aperture, excellent sharpness, and smooth autofocus performance in a compact and lightweight design. In this article, we will introduce some of the features and benefits of this lens, and show you some sample images taken with it.

Fast Aperture for Low-Light and Creative Shooting

One of the main attractions of the Viltrox AF 28mm F1.8 lens is its bright f/1.8 maximum aperture. This allows you to shoot in low-light conditions without having to raise your ISO or lower your shutter speed too much. It also gives you more control over the depth of field, enabling you to isolate your subject from the background and create beautiful bokeh effects.

The lens has a 9-blade diaphragm that creates smooth and circular out-of-focus areas, enhancing the quality of the bokeh. The lens also has a minimum focusing distance of just 37cm, which means you can get close to your subject and exaggerate the perspective.

Excellent Sharpness and Contrast Across the Frame

The Viltrox AF 28mm F1.8 lens has an optical design of 11 elements in 9 groups, including 2 aspherical elements, 3 ED elements, and 3 high refractive index elements. These elements help to reduce chromatic aberrations, distortion, coma, and other optical flaws that can degrade the image quality.

The lens also has a multi-layer nano coating that reduces ghosting and flare, and enhances the color rendition and contrast. The result is a lens that delivers sharp and clear images across the frame, even at wide-open apertures.

Smooth and Quiet Autofocus Performance

The Viltrox AF 28mm F1.8 lens features an STM stepper motor that provides fast, accurate, and quiet autofocus performance. The lens supports eye autofocus on both Sony and Nikon cameras, which is useful for portrait and candid photography. The lens also has a manual focus ring that allows you to fine-tune the focus or switch to manual mode if needed.

The lens has a USB-C port on the barrel that allows you to update the firmware easily. The lens also has a metal mount that ensures a secure and durable connection with the camera body.

Compact and Lightweight Design

The Viltrox AF 28mm F1.8 lens weighs only 367 grams (13 ounces) and measures only 70 mm (3 inches) in length. This makes it easy to carry around and use for long periods of time without feeling fatigued. The lens has a sleek and minimalist design that matches well with the Sony and Nikon cameras.

The lens comes with a petal-shaped hood that helps to block unwanted light from entering the lens and causing flare or loss of contrast. The hood is also reversible for easy storage. The lens has a filter size of 55 mm, which is convenient for using common filters such as UV, CPL, or ND.

Sample Images

To give you an idea of what this lens can do, here are some sample images taken with the Viltrox AF 28mm F1.8 lens on a Sony A7 IV camera. You can see how the lens performs in different lighting conditions, focal distances, and apertures.



The Viltrox AF 28mm F1.8 lens is a great option for anyone who wants a fast and sharp wide-angle lens for their Nikon or Sony full-frame camera. It offers a versatile focal length that can handle various genres of photography, from landscapes to portraits. It has a bright aperture that allows you to shoot in low-light situations and create beautiful bokeh effects. It has an excellent optical performance that delivers sharp and clear images across the frame. It has a smooth and quiet autofocus system that supports eye autofocus. It has a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to use and carry around.

Viltrox af 28mm f1.8

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