Viltrox Store Coupon Rebate Campaign

I. Campaign Time

  • Starts on March 22,2021.                                                                  


  • All categories in Viltrox Store

III. Procedures and Rules

  1. Participants
  • Viltrox Store customers whose orders date from Jan.1st, 2021
  1. Rules&Conditions                                                                             
  • Share the purchased productor product use(behind-the-scene, images shot by the product,etc)to Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube and tag Viltrox/Weeylite official account, hashtag the corresponding product, such as #viltrox85mmIIXF #viltroxEFR2, etc.                                        
  • Send screenshots of your sharing content on social media to Viltrox Store message with your order No.(e.g. Order#1234) to get the coupon. 


Viltrox Facebook: @Viltrox.official

Viltrox Instagram: @Viltrox.offcial

Viltrox Youtube: @viltrox

Weeylite Facebook: @Weeylite

Weeylite Instagram: @Weeyliteofficial


VI. Coupon Rebate and Using Rules 🛒🛍️

  • 8% OFF for orders under $200(available for orders over $50) 
  • 10% OFF for orders $200-500$ order amount; (available for orders over $100 )
  • 12% OFF for orders over $500; (available for orders over $150)
  • Coupon Effective Time

      Effective time: within 24h after receiving the customer screenshot               Expiration time: 6 months                                    


Very welcome All to participate in this “ Viltrox Store Coupon Rebate Campaign” ! And if you have any precious ideas or questions, please don't hesitate to let us know !!

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