Nikon Z6 III may be released in a quarter?

Recently, Nikon registered a new camera in the Chinese government department that supports 5.1Ghz wireless network and Bluetooth.

The registration/release dates for Nikon's previous machines are as follows:

Z9: N2014 2021-07-20 registered 2021-10-28 released

Z30: N2121 2022-01-07 registered 2022-06-29 released

Z8: N2120 2022-06-06 registered 2023-05-10 released

Zf: N2137 2023-04-07 registered 2023-09-20 released

According to previous reports, this new camera is likely to be Nikon Z6 III, which will feature a 24.5-megapixel full-frame sensor and an EXPEED 7 image processor. The registration and release dates of previous Nikon models show that except for Z8, Z9, Zf, and Z30 were registered about 3-5 months before their official release. Therefore, we have reason to believe that this new camera is likely to be released within 3-5 months, which is in spring or summer this year. Let’s wait and see!

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