[Pre-sale] VILTROX PRO Level 75mm F1.2 XF Auto Focus Large Aperture Prime Lens Designed for Fujifilm X-mount Cameras



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Fantastic image quality, you need one of these!

Was expecting a lot from this lens, and wasn’t disappointed! Amazingly sharp, wonderful colour, no aberrations and really well controlled flair. The bokeh is beautiful, and all the OOF areas are smooth as butter. The autofocus isn’t the fastest but that’s the only thing I could find to pick at. I just want a Nikon Z mount version of this one too.

Radney Ong
Just awesome!

Just a super tiny bit more for it to be perfect! Got some samples and reels on my IG. Instagram.com/tp.rpo

Seb V
Great lens for the fuji system

Other lenses i have and had, all from fuji: 23mm f2, 35mm f1.4, 18-55 f2.8-4, 55-200 f3.5-4.8. And this viltrox is by far my favorite, even compared to the 35mm, which i loved. The sharpness of this lens is great at f1.2, i havent even felt the need to use it at other apertures. The focal length is definitelly a little strange for me, but it helps with getting some different shots i would not go for when using the 35mm on the street.
This viltrox 75mm will stay in my kit permanently, that f1.2 bokeh and the extra stops of exposure are definitelly great to have.

nearly perfect

Great sharpness, no image errors. Great workmanship just perfect. Almost. The AF is still causing problems and is not quick and safe enough. For weddings, I would like an update from Viltrox. Then it is the perfect lens for Fuji photographers.

Gerald Ermita

This lens will be replacing my Fuji 56mm F1.2(MK1). The lens is sharp wide open with very minimal to no chromatic aberration. The autofocus does seem a bit slower than what I'm used to. Hopefully, a firmware upgrade can improve this.

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