Viltrox XF 33mm f1.4 APS-C Prime Autofocus Lens For Fuji X-mount Mirrorless Camera



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Jaideep Menon

Viltrox XF 33mm f1.4 APS-C Prime Autofocus Lens For Fuji X-mount Mirrorless Camera

Bruce Mackenzie
Viltrox XF 33mm f1.4 APS-C Prime Autofocus Lens For Fuji X-mount camera

This 33mm f1.4 APS-C A/F Viltrox lens was recommended to me by a friend. I already own the Fujinon 35mm f1.4 lens but was curious enough to buy the Viltrox lens.
I tried this lens on my XT3 and was very pleasantly surprised by the performance given that this lens was one third the cost of my fuji lens.The Viltrox lens is very well made and focussing is virtually silent compared to the Fuji lens.
The Fuji lens is a little sharper when set on maximum aperture. Overall the Viltrox lens performed very well against the Fuji especially given that the purchase price is a fraction of that charged by Fuji.
If I was switching to Fuji camera equipment and on a tight budget I would be happy to buy the Viltrox lens instead of the much more expensive Fuji lens. I rate this lens 4****

George Spanoudakis

everything perfect! sharp, great bokeh, portable...affordable, and...Very fast shipping!!

Erik Bercik

This is my least favourite of the 3 Viltrox lenses I've bought... and I still love it!

At what is a 55~mm equivalent, this isn't the most exciting lens, especially up against my F0.95 manual lens - but it has quick autofocus, a clean image, and beautiful build quality. (Plus the look of the silver lenses with their silver lens hoods are just to die for!)

If you're looing for a full lens lineup, I will still recommend for new Fuji users to spring for the 23mm first - it is the most versatile in the lineup, perhaps the 56 afterwards for that big difference in focal length. However, if you're just going for one lens, you want nice, clean images, good low-light ability, and a nifty-fifty equivalent focal length, then you honestly cannot beat this lens. 5 stars from me!

Ondrej Kratochvil

Delivery from Viltrox took very long time (not because of customs, there was several weeks delay before they've dropped the package to DHL), then the customs payment made it not any cheaper than purchasing locally, but overall it came well packaged and clearly new. Now I have both 23 and 33 Viltroxes for Fuji X.
The lens itself is pretty solid performer on both X-E2 and X-E3. It isn't better than Fuji's own lenses, but it's very close... yet for less money. There are some centering issues on both lenses, which is a bit disappointing, but it isn't significantly worse than MF Nikkors (I own about 15 of their top MF lenses), AF Minolta, or even some Fuji's own lenses. Funnily I've had probably similar problems with centering of Leica's own ASPH M-lenses, so that puts Viltoxes in good company, with the disadvantage I can't send them to Wetzlar for calibration :). Till f/4 you simply shouldn't take pictures of landscape or architecture. In center and near center the performance is solid and the centering isn't an issue for wide-open candid shots, portraits and similar. Center focus is always perfect. Longitudinal chromatic aberration correction is worse than most Fujinons, but in real pictures it's rare to see it and can't be corrected in post-process. On X-E2 the focusing sometimes hunts, more so than XC 14-45, XF 23/1.4 (used to own it) or XF 18/2, but on X-E3 it's much better. But it certainly is usable in all but most extreme situations, and when it locks the focus, 9/10 times it's focused precisely even on short distance and widest aperture, such as when taking pics of children. What I like about the lens is contrast and colors, the coatings are on par with every other company. I also don't mind the clickless aperture ring, the values are displayed correctly in viewfinder, and I can control the lens pretty well just by hand. Overall only real thing I dislike most about both lenses are the dimensions. It didn't seem so from the specs, but they're quite noticeably longer than their Fuji equivalents, and especially on X-E3 they feel disproportionately huge... there's no real benefit of mirrorless, as they're even bigger than their typical full-frame alternatives (accounted for crop factor, it's 35/2 and 50/2; both these lenses are smaller from most full-frame lens manufacturers). Final words: Adequate for the price (incl. postage, VAT tax and customs), and certainly capable of taking excellent pictures... most lenses 40 years ago that were used to create world famous pictures were much worse.

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